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Who are we ?

Thread & Lift is a laboratory located in Brussels, expert in the field of Aesthetics.

We are specialized in the manufacture and marketing of the first solution allowing a real facelift with suspension threads. Our permanent suspension thread named Infinite-Thread® is entirely made in France.

Our clients are practitioners in the field of Health and Aesthetics such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists or aesthetic doctors. Through these professionals, we serve patients all over the world, too young to accept the surgical alternative but also aware of the objective limit of filler injections.

Our purpose

The will to found Thread & Lift was born from an observation. In spite of the exceptional potential of suspension threads, after 15 years of existence they remained unrecognized and underestimated.

Everything and its opposite has been said about this procedure. This blur that has settled around the suspension threads results from a truth: Number of patients were disappointed. The result did not meet expectations or did not last as long as advertised.

We must not be afraid to say so, provided that we explain the reason for this, which is very clear today: A thread alone cannot do anything, as good as it may be, just as a procedure technique, even effective, will give no result if the practitioner has not been perfectly trained.

Today, Thread & Lift is committed to providing customers and patients with the best permanent suspension thread, the most advanced technique and the most extensive training available.

Our core values

Our laboratory is the product of its time. An exceptional period in which new methods against aging appear every day but also in which distrust of the field of Aesthetics has largely grown.

We have founded Thread & Lift conscious of this and convinced that we could make a real difference. We adopted a charter of 6 core values called “T.H.R.E.A.D. “, governing the daily life of our laboratory:



No medical intervention is perfect. It is foolish to want to hide its limits and thus discredit a whole area. To state its qualities without further explanations is also not conducive to confidence.

For this reason, transparency is at the heart of our communication. We always specify when science allows us to affirm something just as when it does not allow us to advance further. We work to offer the most complete and detailed sources of information, such as this website. We also commit to provide you with the answers to your questions through our contact form.



Our laboratory belongs above all to the field of Health, even if it specializes in the Aesthetic branch. These concepts must cease to be considered as different or even antagonistic and it is up to the laboratories to work in this direction.

That is why we have chosen to develop a whole solution and not just a suspension thread that we know will not meet the expectations of patients. Each component of our solution, as well as each of our decisions, is designed to bring to the patient the well-being he/she deserves.



The activity of a laboratory in the field of Aesthetics cannot be considered without the utmost rigor on a daily basis. This philosophy allowed Thread & Lift to obtain the ISO 13485 certification.

This rigorous approach can be found in many areas of Thread & Lift’s life, from systematic controls in the manufacture of our threads to the level of training we provide to our clients. In addition, we are launching new studies each year to refine the scientific knowledge on the topic of thread lifts.



Excellence is a priority for us to surpass the simple expectation of our direct clients, health professionals. We work every day to be a real partner alongside them, surpassing the functions of a simple supplier.

This excellence also consists in constantly seeking to better serve patients. We are determined to maintain constant contact with you so that we never stop improving our offer.



Our ambition is to become the leader in the fight against sagging facial tissues without surgery.

Such ambition will enable the greatest number of people to discover the immense qualities of a new facelift still unknown today. This will also allow these patients to benefit from an effective and reasoned alternative at an age where surgery is not an acceptable alternative.



“My first concern will be to restore, preserve or promote health in all its elements … I will never deceive their trust and will not exploit the power inherited from circumstances to force consciences. Hippocratic Oath

Ethics is at the very heart of the Hippocratic oath pronounced by doctors. It is natural that we apply these same principles because, like them, we serve patients.