Facial rejuvenation
while remaining yourself


Under local anesthetic
and without scaring


Results maintained over
the years


The freedom to change
your mind

"Is it possible to stop my face from sagging
without the discomfort of a surgical facelift?"

It is in response to this long-existing demand that we founded the Thread & Lift laboratory.

Successive improvements in the 2000’s decade have allowed to change opinions on suspension threads yet without ever fully convincing. The reason for this is perfectly clear: A permanent suspension thread with all the required qualities, a modern technique  and the guarantee for the patient to benefit from a high-end trained specialist had never been offered together. Such an offer  now exists with the Thread & Lift solution.

Thread & Lift opens a new path in the world of Aesthetics by offering the 1st effective and long-lasting solution against tissue sagging thanks to a suspension thread. Thread & Lift goes even further by offering this quality of result while perfectly adapting to the needs of each patient. Indeed, Infinite-Thread® can be applied using a 100% medical application technique, i.e. without any incision, and can also be combined with the most modern surgical techniques to limit invasiveness  and improve results. The certified Thread & Lift practitioners are all trained by our experts in order to offer you the most suitable solution guaranteeing you total satisfaction.

This website is designed to provide you with a serious source of information on the topic of thread lift. We want to bring you all the scientific and medical information on this new facelift and our solution. To guarantee full transparency, our website is very complete and we recommend you read it entirely. Indeed, we believe that an aesthetic act is not innocuous and that you deserve to know all the possible outcomes.

Whether or not you are convinced by our solution as a result of your reading, we hope that you will take with you some truth about a procedure that deserves better than the approximations that have surrounded it for too long.

Vincent Foumenteze, CEO and Co-founder of Thread & Lift

* These patients did not benefit from any other aesthetic procedure and the photos have not in any way been airbrushed.

Thread & Lift, more than a product, a complete solution

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Why choose permanent threads?

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Why is this a real facelift?

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Thread & Lift, a laboratory dedicated to its patients

From the meticulous work of our engineers who manufacture our thread exclusively in France to the daily exchanges with our medical experts, we try every day to improve our offer to patients.

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