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We all experience the appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds and marionette lines over time. We also see our cheekbones sagging just like our neck. These are the universal signs of aging.

The Infinite-Thread® was created to make them disappear for good.

Why thread lift is the solution ?

Because the subcutaneous tissues collapse over time.

This sagging of fatty tissues (also called hypodermis) from the upper third of the face to the lower third is responsible for the appearance of these signs of aging. It is therefore necessary to opt for a treatment which allows these tissues to be repositioned in their original location. This is exactly the object of the Infinite-Thread®, whose very numerous small notches catch and gently lift the subcutaneous tissues.

While it is true that several phenomena are at work, such as the melting of certain facial fat tissues, this remains moderate over time. There is even a slight increase in the total volume of fat, deep and superficial, under the skin until the age of 80. The rupture of the oval and neck, the collapse of the cheekbones, the appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds and bitterness folds is mainly the result of a phenomenon of sagging rather than melting.

You can do a very simple test to convince yourself. Lie down and look at your face in a mirror. You will see that all these signs of aging will then have almost disappeared. This is proof of the value of tissue repositioning and the fight against the effect of gravity.

Thread lift now makes it possible to meet this need for tissue repositioning by combining Infinite-Thread® with the modern technique most adapted to the patient’s needs.


Beyond beeing a perfectly adapted procedure, Thread & Lift’s solution has many advantages:

Our solution offers the patient a visibly embellished appearance. The average rejuvenation observed by our experts is between 5 and 10 years.

This rejuvenation is the immediate result of the repositioning of the collapsed tissues to their original location thanks to the notches of the Infinite-Thread®. The folds, lines and other jowls formed by the sliding of the subcutaneous fat are greatly dissipated or even suppressed. The cheekbones are redesigned and the jawline is tightened

But this rejuvenation is also due to a recovered skin quality, after a few months. The skin recovers its tone and is plumped. Although no studies have yet been carried out, both patients and physicians testify to this phenomenon. Our experts are convinced that this improvement in the vascularization of the skin can be explained in the following way. By collapsing, the fat (hypodermis) drags the blood vessels it contains down. Vessels that communicate with the skin (epidermis and dermis) and “nourish” it. Yet the sagging of the hypodermis stretches these vessels, which mechanically causes a reduction in their diameter. Lesser irrigation causes the skin to lose its quality and complexion. By repositioning the hypodermis, thensuspension threads will then allow these vessels to regain their former caliber and irrigate the skin properly again to make it recover a much higher quality. This usually occurs between 3 and 4 months after the thread lift.

This assurance of a natural result is the consequence of several advantages of the Thread & Lift solution.

First, our Infinite-Thread® is sold only to certified practitioners, perfectly mastering the facelift by suspension threads. This expertise makes them able to determine the best positioning of the threads according to the needs of each patient. This positioning must correspond to the paths that the patient’s fat tissues naturally follow when they collapse. In this way, the threads will lift these subcutaneous tissues in the opposite direction along the natural axis. They are thus repositioned at their original location.

The determination of these paths, more scientifically called “vectors”, makes it possible to restore a natural appearance of youth to the patient without one can notice the intervention

Then, our thread does not require any surgical detachment or scalpel incision to be implanted. This absence also means the absence of a scar. There is therefore no reason to try to hide it behind the ear, where it is least visible, sometimes creating the unnatural appearance of a surgical facelift.

Besides, the patient’s tissues are not at risk with the needle that is used to implant our thread. This is an absolutely non-cutting needle called “blunt” needle. It is soft for the tissues because it cannot incise them, avoiding any risk of alteration of a nerve or a blood vessel. Moreover, in order to guarantee optimum quality and a shape perfectly adapted to the Thread & Lift facelift, we manufacture those needles by ourselves.

Finally, the features of the face remain natural, at rest as in movement. The face does not widen because the suspension threads do not add volume. In addition, no wrinkles or dimples never appear if the procedure is performed on a patient with a good indication and according to the know-how teached during our training.

Beyond the obvious search for a natural result for oneself, this criterion also makes it possible not to have to justify his choice to his entourage. The intervention remains between the patient and his practitioner. Your loved ones will find that you look good. They will ask you if you are returning from holiday but will have very little chance of finding that you have benefited from a cosmetic intervention.

The durability of the result depends on the quality of the threads used but also on the stability of their positioning. This is the commitment of Infinite-Thread® and the advanced techniques used by our certified practitioners.

Indeed, the loss of result after a threadlift can always be explained by 3 reasons:

  1. The absorbtion by the body
  2. The lengthening of the thread
  3. The lack of hooking from the notches

As we explain in the “Our solution” page, Infinite-Thread® combines all the necessary qualities to provide 100% protection against these 3 issues.

First of all, Infinite-Thread® is made from biocompatible and permanent materials such as polyester (from cardiac sutures) and medical grade solid silicone (reference material for medical devices such as prostheses). These materials are neutral because they are not absorbed by the body and create almost no fibrosis reactions. They are the safest and most suitable materials for a permanent tensor thread.

Secondly, the Infinite-Thread® does not lengthen over time. Its materials do not undergo any deformation once implanted and, above all, is not elastic. This is crucial in order to maintain the result for a long time. Indeed, an elastic thread always means that it will eventually lengthen over time. The thread will one day lose its ability to regain its original shape and, as with any elastic object you know, it will grow larger.

Finally, Infinite-Thread® has more than 800 notches along its entire length. Their number and patented shape ensure an average traction efficiency of +60% compared to other permanent suspension thread*. This traction ability also guarantees that the thread will remain positioned where your practitioner has implanted it, in order to guarantee you an optimal result for many years to come.

*Tested by Thread & Lift in the laboratory in 2018 on more than 40 different threads

The Thread & Lift solution insures a total discretion to every patient.

Beyond the natural result, discretion is guaranteed thanks to the total invisibility of our thread under the skin. Not implanted superficially but in the mid hypodermis, far away enough from the muscles, it also remains absolutely painless, even to the touch.

The Infinite-Thread® creates no mark, no “bump”. It is therefore impossible for the hairdresser as for the dentist to notice. (A precision that we want to bring as many patients have asked our experts: our thread is not metallic and therefore does not sound to the safety gates.)

This discretion is also reinforced by the absence of hospitalization, due to the simple local anesthesia. The procedure lasts only 1h15 of which 15 minutes for anesthesia. The patient can then go home directly. (It is nevertheless advisable to be accompanied in case of car travel.)

Finally, the recovery of activity is very fast, after only 3 to 8 days on average. The edema will then have almost disappeared and, even in the very rare case of a possible bruising or hematoma, they will always be light and easy to hide with makeup.

The term “permanent” can be frightening and we are fully aware of it. It is, however, a sign of superior safety for the patient because it means that the body accepts the thread and does not attack it. In contrast with absorbable products whose purpose is by nature to be attacked in order to disappear by a phenomenon of hydrolysis. 

In addition, choosing the Infinite-Thread® means letting you change your mind at any time! Even if the patient does not do anything, a permanent thread must always be absolutely reversible and must not be a commitment for life. That’s why we designed the Infinite-Thread® so it can always be removed:

  • Easily,
  • Even years after the procedure,
  • And without any sequela.

The face of the patient will simply come back to its initial appearance.

This withdrawal is made possible by the integrity of our thread guaranteed in time and its soft materials for the body. Thanks to the injection of a simple anesthetic product allowing a tumescence of the subcutaneous tissues, the removal of the thread is made with ease. The thread is extracted without damaging any tissue, without creating any mess and leaving no visible trace of its passage.

This removal is made easier by the fact that the Infinite-Thread® has been designed to be easily locatable. Its violet color makes it impossible to confuse with a natural human tissue and its composition makes it absolutely visible to the ultrasound.

Infinite-Thread® is CE marked. This means that it meets the very stringent requirements of the European Union for medical devices. Moreover, this suspension thread is made of biomaterials, namely polyester and solid medical grade silicone, which are the gold standards for permanent medical devices for more than 50 years.

These biocompatible materials are the references used by medicine and surgery since the 1960s.

Moreover, it is important to note that our thread does not prevent or hinder the realization of a scan or an MRI. It does not have any negative impact whatever the medical examination, concerning its realization or the reading of its results. In the event of emergency intervention after an accident, it will never pose any problem to the doctor or surgeon.

Finally, the Thread & Lift facelift does not present any contraindications to health and safety, except for pregnant women as always as a precautionary measure. The use of laser to treat brown, red spots, or even rosacea is in no way a contraindication. Similarly, there is no risk to sun exposure, even directly after surgery.

It should be noted that radiofrequency, infra-red, and focused ultra-sound are to be avoided after any thread lift but only for effectiveness reasons. These procedures have the effect of heating and softening the subcutaneous tissues that will then lose their ability to be hooked by the suspension threads. While the threads remain intact, the quality of the result would drop. This therefore remains a contraindication in terms of efficacy and not in terms of safety, which remains assured.

Another important advantage of Thread & Lift solution is that it is made for nearly all patients:

• For women and men
• For smokers as non-smokers, since there is no healing
• For light and dark skins without exception, since there is absolutely no risk of bad scarring (Keloid)
For patients who have already undergone surgical facelift in the past
For patients wishing to benefit from a surgical facelift in the future

The only postoperative effect consists of the punctual appearance of slight edema at the temples and cheekbones.

They are the result of inflammation caused by two factors. The first is the local anesthetic that is injected during the operation, essential in order to have neither pain nor hematoma. The second is the passage of the thread during the intervention.

In no case is these edema are a response of the organism to the Infinite-Thread® itself. It is a response to the passing of the needle and the thread when it is put into position. This is why these edema disappear definitely on average after 15 days and do not persist while the thread is still in place.


Here is an explanatory diagram of this one and only postoperative effect:

Concerning the pain caused by the Thread & Lift procedure, it is very well treated by simple taking of analgesics during the first 3 days following the intervention. It then decreases to become only a discomfort which will, on average, disappear definitively after 15 days.


Here is an explanatory diagram of this postoperative pain:

There are very rare cases, in particular because of the use of anti-coagulants by the patient, where the procedue can lead to a bruising or a hematoma. These suites will always be minimal and disappear very quickly.

Like any procedure, thread lift encounters limits. There are three of them.

The body

The first of the three limits is in terms of location. In our experience, only the face and neck are actually a good indication.

Unfortunately the rest of the body remains impossible to treat properly with any suspension thread. The weight of the tissues to be supported on certain areas of the body such as the buttocks, for example, renders the effectiveness and durability of the result unconvincing.

The loss of elasticity

The second limit is due to the aging of the deep layers of the facial skin.

When this aging leads to an high loss of elasticity, which means that it is required to cut more than 1cm of skin in front of the ear, then this is an indication reserved for surgical cervical lift. Only this one will allow to carry out this cutaneous resection and to make disappear the excess skin.

The deep wrinkles

The third and final limit is due to the aging of the superficial layers of the facial skin.

When the deep wrinkles are too numerous, it will be necessary to carry out a surface treatment of the skin such as, for example, a deep peel or a resurfacing laser. Only then a repositioning of the tissues thanks to the Thread & Lift facelift will be indicated.