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The 3 components of our solution

Thread & Lift is the first laboratory to offer patients a real face and neck lift thanks to the combination of a suspension thread, Infinite-Thread®, and a gentle technique adapted to their expectations, in complete serenity thanks to the know-how of its certified practitioners.

Our permanent suspension thread :


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Expertise and Know-how

The Infinite-Thread® has been designed in France, side by side by our medical micro-technology engineers  and our doctors expert in thread lift. It is now used by our certified practitioners throughout Europe.






Center thread in polyester
Biocompatible material, used for more than 50 years by medicine, offering a tensile strength greater than 25 Newton.
Coating in solid silicone
Biocompatible material, used for more than 50 years by medicine, producing minimal fibrosis. A series of 4 notches is molded every 1.5mm.
Patented "8 zones" hook
Each series of 4 notches is molded at a rotation of 45 ° with respect to the lower and upper series in order to guarantee the maximum hooking of the tissues.
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Patented anti-turning notches
The conical shape of the notches allows an optimal efficiency without turning-back of any notch even for very important ptosis.
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The rounded shape of the tip of our notches, their size inferior than 0.5 mm and their silicone composition make the Infinite-Thread® soft and atraumatic for the patient's tissues.
Simplified procedure
Zone marked in black to help the doctor visualize the center of the thread at first glance and free of notch for passage through the Infinite-Lift loop.
Long-lasting effectiveness
No loss of tension over time because no elongation of biomaterials under body temperature or under mechanical stress.
Tailor-made precision
The flexibility of the thread allows it to perfectly follow the movements of the patient's face. Moreover, its lack of elasticity, medically unnecessary, allows a simpler, more precise and much faster positioning.
Absolute discretion
The diameter of the Infinite-Thread® is only 1.4 mm, making it perfectly invisible and insensitive under the patient's skin.
Easy localization
The violet color of the thread and its visibility to ultrasound systems ensure its easy localization in the event of removal.
Guaranteed reversibility
Easier localization and homogeneity of the biomaterials ensure that the Infinite-Thread® can always be removed easily, without any time limit, without sequela and without residue of silicone.

 Each Infinite-Thread® is exclusively made in France.

The quality of our products is systematically verified by our engineers through a process of 8 control points. The use of tools specially developed for their manufacture and control ensures a perfect and identical quality to each Infinite-Thread®.

Our procedure technique :
Gentle and Tailor-made

A suspension thread, however efficient it may be, cannot do anything without a quality laying technique. The result but also the durability of the latter depends on it.

A technique is of quality when it perfectly meets the expectations and needs of the patient, while remaining as simple and gentle as possible.

Each patient is unique, with his or her expectations and needs, so the technique must be adapted on a case-by-case basis. There is no universal technique. On the other hand, there are techniques that have proven their worth and in which certified Thread & Lift practitioners are trained.


The Parallel technique offers a simplified procedure to your practitioner and even less invasiveness for the patient while further improving results.

This is a real breakthrough because it means the end of the complexity of the techniques and the return to a simpler, faster, less traumatic technique for the patient!

The parallel technique is called “medical” because it does not require surgery. This technique is performed without the use of a scalpel and ensures that the patient has no scars and no detachment of facial tissues.

The parallel technique is also synonymous with simple local anesthesia, a short recovery time and therefore perfect discretion. It meets the expectations of many active patients who want to quickly return to their lives.

The threads are implanted in the middle of the hypodermis (fat located just below the dermis) and not on the surface, in order to ensure efficiency of the result and invisibility of the threads.

To be effective and provide a natural result, a technique must allow fat tissues to be repositioned in their original location. However, under our skin, fat is not evenly distributed. We have several compartments (or pads) in which fat is trapped and their shape varies according to the areas of our face. As a result, the tensor threads must follow different paths, also called “vectors”, depending on these areas.

This is why the Parallel technique consists in placing 3 threads per side of the face, independent of each other in order to treat different areas. This will be done, among other things, on the malar zone responsible for the collapse of the cheekbones and the creation of the nasolabial fold as well as on the jugal zone responsible for the appearance of jowls and marionette lines.

The entry point of the threads must be located at the level of the temporal area (black marking) in order to be able to exert a significant upward movement of the tissues without creating any wrinkles or creases. The half of the thread above this temporal area has notches pointing downwards, in order to avoid sagging of the thread, while the half part below this area has notches upwards, in order to hang and raise the tissues.

If you wish to treat the neck, it will be necessary to add a 4th thread for this purpose. The entry point will then be at the mastoid level.


Surgeon practitioners can also offer their patients highly effective and minimally invasive techniques called “semi-surgical” techniques.

These techniques have the advantage identically of not requiring significant tissue detachment and therefore do not cause visible scarring. They provide very light outcomes, just like the Parallel technique, with a short social withdrawal time.

Their difference compared to the Parallel technique is that they attach the Infinite-Threads® to a deep structure such as a muscle or the periosteum in the temporal area.

This is why we are not talking about a purely medical technique such as the Parallel technique or a purely surgery such as the classic facelift, which requires large incisions, alteration of deep structures and resection of the skin. In “semi-surgical” techniques, the structure of your anatomy is not modified in any way, but the practitioner will use solid tissues to ensure the long-term durability of the result.

The choice of this type of technique will be made by your practitioner according to your face, the result you want to obtain, your medical history but also sometimes in order to propose a combination of treatments requiring this approach.

A salutary evolution towards tailor-made and lighter techniques

In 2015, with the birth of the Infinite-Thread®, we wanted to guarantee our patients an effective and above all long-lasting result! Much longer than what was previously offered by the other suspension threads. Our expert, Dr Jean-Paul Foumentèze, then thought of a technique that would allow to secure the threads on both sides of the face by making them join at the top of the skull. This was to avoid their sagging over time under the gravitry effect and therefore the loss of result over the years.

The threads were joined by two loops under the scalp. These two loops then acted like a vault, guaranteeing that the results would be maintained over time.

This technique was complex but it finally gave meaning to the use of permanent suspension threads.

Nevertheless, this reflection was born from the use of the old generations of threads, whose notches were not efficient enough, and which eventually sagged under the effect of gravity.

Infinite-Thread® is a major evolution thanks to its 800 notches, with a patented design, very effective in raising and holding the human tissues while remaining perfectly soft for the patient. Its materials are the same as those used in such demanding fields as cardiac suture, guaranteeing unrivaled strength and reliability.

Infinite-Thread® has been designed to be freed from too heavy and complex techniques

We have proof today that the complex techniques are over.

The qualities of the Infinite-Thread® make it possible to use techniques that are much softer for the patient and also have the great advantage of being adaptable to his needs. Indeed, the quality of the result from a thread lift presupposes that all the superficial fatty compartments of the face are treated. The threads must therefore pass through them all. However, each patient differs significantly in the location of this compartments, their shape, their volume as well as in the axis (also called vector) to choose for their repositioning.

This is precisely the value of the Parallel technique. The three threads on each side of the face will always allow to act directly on all the fatty compartments and, since these threads are independent of each other, the practitioner will be able to position them freely according to the exact need of his patient.

Here is an example of a specific positioning of the threads while using the parallel technique:

This parallel technique when applied with the Infinite-Thread® also offers many other benefits to the patient:

  • Shorter operating time (1 hour)
  • Even lighter post-operative effects for the patient
  • Greater ability to open the patient’s look
  • Effective and long-lasting face and neck lift (See diagram above)
  • Possible treatment of difficult areas such as eyebrows or forehead

Our training :
The guarantee of a certified practitioner


Each of our training is taught by one of our experts. The experts we collaborate with have many years of experience and hundreds of thread lift to their credit. They are among the most important practitioners in France and some have been the pioneers of this new facelift. The selection of our experts-trainers is strict in order to guarantee high-end knowledge.


We do not think it is possible to effectively share medical knowledge to a large committee simultaneously. We have therefore chosen face-to-face training courses between the expert and the new practitioner. In this way, the expert can adapt his explanations, answer all the questions and produce a truly tailor-made training. This individualisation strengthens the quality of the exchange.


Our training has a theoretical part of presentation allowing the future practitioner to discover the approach and the values of our laboratory. It is essential in understanding the stakes involved in thread lift and its conditions of success. This theoretical presentation paves the way for a relationship of trust that will benefit to the patient.

However, if the theoretical part is important, it remains insufficient. This is why our training goes much further by including a practical part which is not limited to a simple demonstration by the expert.


Indeed, our training includes a real situation with a thread lift realized side by side with the expert. This allows the health professional following the training to acquire a real mastery.

The expert trainer takes the time to present the patient’s needs and the appropriate responses. The expert’s actions are broken down and analyzed slowly in order to transmit them. The expert trainer accompanies the practitioner in training and constantly exchanges with him. The expert controls the practitioner’s gesture in order to guarantee the patient a perfect result despite the training. The purpose of this practical part is to give time to assimilate the good practices, both technically and in terms of patient management.

This training process is now the most high-end existing one. It is the only way to ensure an optimal quality standard for each patient benefiting from the Thread & Lift procedure.


At the end of this training, our expert will validate the skills of the practitioner. Only then will the conditions be met for him to become a certified Thread & Lift user. This condition is the guarantee for the patient to benefit from a professional who has received our advanced training.

Of course, we do not give up on our clients in the aftermath of this training and remain fully available to them in the future. We are always delighted to exchange with them or to connect them together through the forum of the private part of this site. If they wish to come back to a thread lift carried out by one of our experts, they are always welcome.

For a patient, to ask his surgeon or his doctor the Thread & Lift solution is to be guaranteed to benefit from a true facelift in all peace of mind.